The curious case of Mo, Bobby and Mane

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3 points in the last 4 games and 1 goal in the last 4 matches. Wow? Who would have predicted this? What the hell happened to Liverpool?

Full throttle football is Klopp’s brand football for the past 3 years. This has taken a toll on the players with this system. Noticeably, all the opponents have also augmented new defensive strategies after dissecting Liverpool’s system, strength, weakness and tactics. Teams realised Liverpool are not effective in breaking down teams that compact their defense a.k.a park the bus tactics.

Atletico Madrid started this in champions league and subsequently more teams are doing this to Liverpool.

Liverpool’s 433 system is great for defense and counter attacks. All the players are well trained and drilled to adapt to this system very well. But with teams sitting back, 433 isn’t ideal. The forwards mostly congregated towards the centre of the park. When spaces are tight and it’s a huge challenge for the trio to get past the defense without great level of speed, precision and technical ability. Lacking any of the above abilities will lead to fruitless results.

With the current 433 system, it amplifies the reliability of the wingbacks stationed high to provide width and executing pinpoint crosses to create any goal scoring chances. An enormously tough feat to execute. In addition, Trent’s form has dipped and did not help the cause.

Opponents are also in a better defense position to deal with the crosses with a set defense line up. It’s going to be a tough ride moving forward for Liverpool. I am not optimistic if nothing is done quickly to resolve this.

How to solve this?

Liverpool must quickly develop new game plans or systems to open up defended minded teams. Players must learn to work with this new system to break down their opponents. I will discuss more about the system Liverpool should adopt to mitigate their present dire situation in the near future.

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